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Inspiration for the creation of Tarot Art

Before starting on the Tarot Art project, I did some research about the subject. It was a very interesting journay, throght legend, fiction and real historical events. From the legend of the connection with the Knights Templars, to the documented historical origin, in Northern Italy, during the Renaissance.

The Cards and their mystery, travelled to Italy, brought by Romani people, who were known for practicing the art of fortune telling. They were originally created, for the Duke of Milano, the most powerfull and rich man, in all Italy, at the time. However they were not created for the purpose of fortune telling or divination, but for intertainment, they were simply play-cards. To this day in Italy, they are still used in games.

Today the Tarots are mostly associated with fortune telling, but there is a much more fascinating and mysterious site to their origin, the legend, or the theory, that they were created by the Knights Templars, after their return from the Holy land.

The Knights Templars and The Tarot

The Templars were a Christian military order, as well as a secret society whose true purpose remains uncertain debated to this day. One of the legends around the order, tells that, when the Knights arrived to The Holy Land, they discovered secret parts of Christianity’s history/origines.
A secret which they could not reveal, in their time. Therefore they created the Tarot Cards, in which they communicated their secret knowledge, in the symbols, on the cards. To this day we can wonder about the cards and their meaning.

The all research and all the theories were very interesting. However, the most fascinating part was the legend connecting the catds to the Templars, this was also the inspiration for Tarot Art project.

During the research I also discovered a very interesting video:


Since talking about this subject, it seemed appropriate to enclude a link to a page, which provides the magic key to the origine of this fascinating mistery. The page encludes pictures of the first cards ever designed.